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4343/3003/4343 okładzina z folii aluminiowej fin

Zakres specyfikacji

4343/3003/4343 is a kind of Three-layer aluminum alloy composite foil which is the most widely used aluminum-heat transfer material. It is the basic material for the preparation of automotive engine radiator, air conditioning condenser, intercooler and other heat exchangers. The outer 4343 subeutectic aluminum-silicon alloy is the brazing material connecting the fluid pipe to the heat fin, while the inner 3003 aluminum-manganese alloy is the bearing part of the heat fin.


Miejsce pochodzenia:Chiny
Numer modelu:4343/3003/4343
Hartować:O, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24 , etc
Wysokość:1.0 ~ 40mm
Szerokość:16 ~ 1250mm
Czas dostawy:Dni 7
MOQ:50 kg
Norma techniczna
Clad Aluminium Sheet/Strip for Heat transfer
Material AlloyGłówny materiał3003, 3003+1%Zn, 3003+1.5%Zn, 3003+1.5%Zn+Zr, 3003+0.5%Cu, 3005, tc
Materiał okładziny4343, 4343+1%Zn, 4045, 4045+1%Zn, 4004, 7072, 5005, etc
Clad Level4 ~ 18% (± 1.5%)
HartowaćO, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24 , etc
RozmiarAs following specs sheet, or made on request
TypSheet, Coil, Strip
Wytrzymałość na rozciąganieDepending on temper, 95Mpa~235Mpa
Wydajność wytrzymałościDepending on temper, 35Mpa~160Mpa
WydłużenieDepending on temper, 1%~15%
Główne zastosowanieHeat exchanger, auto radiator, charge air cooler, evaporator, condenser,
aluminium fin, header plate, HF welded pipe/tube, etc
Cechy produktu

With the development of market economy and continuous progress of science and technology, the aluminum fin material of power plant heat exchanger is gradually changed from the original aluminum foil and solder to the new aluminum alloy composite material, which has better welding performance. The advantages of higher fin strength and more stable heat exchanger at high temperature. New composite aluminum strip 4343/3003/4343, 4343 alloy double bread covering for the leather, new alloy 3003 for the core.


Pola aplikacji

4343A/3003/4343A aluminum alloy composites are widely used in the manufacture of various brazed aluminum heat exchangers Specific products include water tank with main plate material, water tank with high frequency welding pipe material, water tank with fin material, condenser with fin material.

Condenser main plate material, evaporator plate material, evaporator fin material, intercooler fin material, intercooler main plate material, oil Sheet material for chillers, fin material for oil chillers, fin material for air cooling, sheet material for vacuum brazing, fin for vacuum brazing.



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